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How to Clean Office Desk Properly

How to Clean Office Desk Properly


-A dirty desk reduces work productivity

-How to clean office desk effectively

-How to arrange your office desk


A dirty and cluttered desk doesn’t just have bad health effects, it also affects productivity at work. Leaving your desk uncleaned puts you at risk of diseases, especially when you are in a shared office space. Follow these tips to declutter and clean office desk properly for more work output.

How to clean office desk

Remove the Clutter

The first step to take when cleaning your desk is to remove the mess completely. Take out everything that might prevent you from cleaning properly and also empty the cabinet. This way you can see all the things that need to be arranged.

Clean the Desk

The next step to take is to clean and disinfect the desk. The desk often harbors harmful germs and bacteria due to people coming in contact with it. These bacteria are responsible for some of the common sickness. Use a disinfectant spray and a cloth to clean the germs before using a wood polish to make it shine.

Organize the Mess

What comes after you have a clean office desk? Arrange the items which you’ve left lying on the floor all this while. Sort out the papers and files which are the major cause of clutter on the desk. Dispose of items that are no longer important and keep the important documents in a drawer.

Arrange other items

Your arrangement technique determines how often the office desk will get cluttered. Keep frequently used items on the desk, within reach. This will prevent you from scattering the place each time you need them. Use a desk organizer to store items and keep them properly arranged.

Clean up after each day

The only way to prevent desk cleaning from becoming a burden is to ensure that it is done regularly. Ensure that you clean the desk each day before leaving the office. This leaves you with less to do when you arrive the next day. It also prevents germs and dirt from piling up and infecting other surfaces.

How to clean office desk

Get Professional Cleaning Help

A commercial cleaning service can make your office cleaning task much easy. Schedule office cleaning services in Florida with Green Tech Cleaning. Our cleaning experts won’t just look after your desk but every area of the office. Contact us today to schedule.


Medical Office Cleaning

How To Identify Effective Medical Office Cleaning Services

How To Identify Effective Medical Office Cleaning Services

Finding a decent cleaning company is always a difficult job, how much more when you require medical office cleaning services. Every healthcare facility must be properly cleaned for the safety of patients and workers. A poorly cleaned health facility can increase the spread of diseases and viruses among patients. How do you identify good medical office cleaning services? This article is going to contain some major tips on what to expect from your cleaners.

Medical office cleaning services

Perform a Background Check

Before selecting medical office cleaners, you need to know more than the things that they tell you. To avoid wasting funds, ensure that the cleaners are as effective as they claim to be. A good place to start is by getting information from previous or current clients. You can also compare their cleaning services with that of other cleaning companies. This way, you can identify the one that offers the best value for money.

Don’t fall for low prices

You expect the best from medical office cleaning services and as such, you should be prepared to pay a decent price. Some companies offer low and competitive prices but end up doing a terrible job. Remember, the health of everyone in the facility is your priority and you should be willing to gamble on their health to save some money.

Ask about the cleaning process

Every reliable cleaning company has a cleaning process that they work with. A proper cleaning company has a procedure that is used for medical office cleaning. This will prove that the company has experience doing medical cleaning. This will also ensure that they are properly monitored and do not cut corners when cleaning.

Medical office cleaning services

Do you require Medical office cleaning services in Florida?

Contact Green Tech cleaning. We have a team of professional cleaners who have great experience cleaning medical facilities. The safety of your building is our priority. Contact us to make your building germs and virus free today.

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Why Your Business Needs Commercial Cleaning Professionals

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Cleaning Professionals

  • How using commercial cleaning professionals boosts employee morale
  • Cleaning professionals produce better cleaning results.
  • Gain more by investing in quality cleaning services


As a business owner who wants to grow, your first instinct is to avoid major expenses. The office cleaning budget is one of the areas that business owners often cut from. However, having your employees do the majority of office cleaning tasks could have bad effects on your business. If that has been your choice, this article is about to show you why your small business needs commercial cleaning professionals.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Professionals over DIY

It is cheaper in the long run

Leaving the cleaning task to employees means that you need to purchase major cleaning equipment that commercial cleaning professionals already possess. In addition, time spent cleaning is time taken away from their primary task. This is likely to reduce the quality of their work and cause the company to lose clients.

Better cleaning results

Employees of your company were  employed because they do their jobs better than a regular person. This also applies to commercial cleaning professionals. Commercial cleaners have much experience cleaning. They are aware of the right cleaning product to use and the hidden dirt spots in the building.

Better maintenance

Items like windows, carpet, and upholstery require a level of professional touch to prevent them from being damaged. Employees often do not have the professional knowledge to handle this type of cleaning. Professional cleaners already know the dos and don’ts of cleaning. They will ensure that proper technique is employed when cleaning, to promote longevity.

Reduced risk of diseases

With increased cases of Covid-19, it has becoming more important to leave the cleaning to professionals. Leaving your employees to handle cleaning in a shared area could put them at risk since they lack the expertise and equipment. A professional cleaner can handle cleaning in a way that puts nobody at risk.


Green Tech Cleaning is worth the investment

Commercial cleaning Professionals

Investing in professional cleaners is an investment in your business. This single act can protect your employees and see your business thrive. Here at Green Tech, we offer professional cleaning services to commercial and residential buildings. Contact us today to schedule cleaning for your building in Florida.

office cleaning

How To Avoid The Flu In an Office

How To Avoid The Flu In an Office

  • The office is a breeding ground for flu-causing germs in the winter
  • Virus can spread around the office, infecting workers
  • Learn how to avoid the flu in an office environment

We are in the season where everyone wants to know how to avoid the flu in an office. Flu germs are known to survive on surfaces for up to 48 hours. Since workers in an office often have to share equipment, when one person has the flu it puts everyone else at risk. To learn how to avoid the flu in an office environment, follow these tips.

How to avoid the flu in an office environment

Disinfect surfaces

Viruses responsible for the flu usually lie on door handles and switches in the office. When a person comes in contact with these infected surfaces, he is at risk of being infected. To keep employees safe, ensure a disinfectant or disinfecting wipe is used to clean the common germy spots in the office. This includes desk phones and computers.

Wash hands frequently

Hand washing is the first defense against germs in most cases and it is also one of the most important here. The hand often comes in contact with the eyes, nose, and mouth which is how the flu is contracted. Make it a habit to wash your hands with soap and warm water and then dry it with a towel.

Prevent the spread of germs

To spread the spread of flu in the office, everyone has to play their parts. This involves covering your mouth when you sneeze and cough. Although you may not have the flu, there are numerous other germs with come flying out with the droplets.

Avoid sharing personal items

During the flu season, it is important to take the right precautions, this also involves sharing personal items in the office. Use disposable cups and spoons and also ensure that you have a personal coffee mug.

Stay home when sick

How To Avoid The Flu In an Office

When it is flu season, everyone is usually at risk. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 20% of the population gets it each flu season. If you do end up infected, stay home to prevent the spread of the flu to others. Ensure you remain at home for up to 24 hours after the fever is gone.


To get your office facility properly cleaned and disinfected, contact Green Tech Cleaning. We offer office cleaning and janitorial cleaning services to businesses in Crestview Florida and surrounding Cities.

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Guide to a Clean Office Desk

Guide to a Clean Office Desk

  • Why you should clean your office desk
  • Office desk cleaning guide
  • How to clean office desk


There are many benefits to a clean office desk. A decluttered desk makes it easier to work without distraction. You can improve your work efficiency simply by keeping the clutter away from your desk. This article will contain a guide to a clean office desk, It will state the benefits and process of office desk cleaning.

Benefits of a Clean office desk

Become more focused

The clutter on your desk is one of the major distractions in the workplace. With paper scattered around, most people find it difficult to focus on the day’s task. Rather than spending so much time searching for important documents, invest the time into your work.

Have more space to work

When working, desk space is an absolute necessity. Most people want to have enough space to spread out items and files when working. Without cleaning your desk, the space is limited and it makes tasks more difficult.

Increased professionalism

Imagine a client walking into your office to find your desk completely messed up. That seems unprofessional, right? A clear desk makes you appear more professional and reflects more positively on your company’s image.

Steps to clean your office Desk

Remove the clutter

The first step when cleaning your desk involves decluttering. Removing all the items on your desk makes it easier to sanitize the surface.

Sanitize the surface

The surface of the desk is susceptible to harboring dust and germs. Left uncleaned, they are responsible for diseases and allergies in most people. Use sanitizing wipes to clean the surface of the desk as well as other items such as phones, monitors, and keyboards.

Organize supplies properly

The office desk usually houses stationaries such as paper clips, pens, and notes. Ensure that these supplies are properly arranged on your desk for easy access. Prioritize the items that are used regularly and put them within arms reach.

Guide to a clean office desk

Tidy papers

Files and papers are some of the major reasons for clutter on your office desk. Get rid of the papers and files that you don’t actively need. A good option is to place them in a filing system.

Keep a trash can nearby

Lastly, ensure that a trash can is close to your desk always. This way, you can get rid of papers and dirt immediately after you’re done.


Keeping a clean office desk shouldn’t be your only priority, ensure that you make time for complete office cleaning. Green Tech Offers the quality of cleaning services you require. Our services are extended to businesses in Crestview Florida and other cities nearby.

Daycare cleaning

Daycare Cleaning Checklist

Daycare Cleaning Checklist


Managing a daycare facility involves handling many challenges, which is why a daycare cleaning checklist is important. Along with current events of Coronavirus, it becomes even more important to keep your daycare facility clean. To provide a safe environment for children you have to make sure that everywhere is properly sanitized and left germ-free. This article is going to include a daycare cleaning checklist that daycare owners can follow when cleaning.


When it comes to keeping your daycare clean, there are numerous tasks that you have to tackle. A poorly organized day care poses a risk to children in the daycare. A proper cleaning schedule for your daycare involves proper storage for toys and making the building safe for everyone.

Clean and sanitize toys

When kids are young, they love to touch things and most of these things end up in their mouth. To ensure that the kids are safe you need to ensure that items are disinfected regularly and kept germ-free. Some of the common items that kids have access to include Doorknobs and toys. Dust buildup in these items can cause allergies in children.

Daycare cleaning checklist

Schedule cleaning

While it is possible for the cleaning to be done alone, the help of expert cleaners will come in handy when cleaning a daycare. Cleaners are capable of identifying areas of the building that are susceptible to gathering dust. A partnership between the daycare and the cleaning company will ensure that children are safe from germs.

Select the right cleaning product

When it comes to caring for daycare, the use of the right cleaning product is very important. A lot of effective cleaning materials are known to be very harsh. Children are often vulnerable to harsh chemicals, with some of them causing allergies. Before selecting a cleaning product, ensure that it is not harmful to kids.

Empty spoiled and spilled food

With so many kids around the daycare, chances are you will be dealing with a lot of spilled and spoiled food. Leaving spilled food to stay long on the ground will give germs a chance to gather there. Ensure that spoiled foods and emptied and spilled food are cleaned always.


This daycare cleaning checklist will make it easier to take of everyone in the daycare, keeping health hazards away. Contact Green Tech for Day care clean cleaning services in Crestview Florida and beyond.