Corona Virus Cleaning

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Corona Virus Cleaning Services in Fort Walton FL

The term corona virus has become a household name in 2020. The virus that rocked our world, shook up societies and most likely altered the way we will go about life for the foreseeable future is here to stay. There has been a lot of confusion unfortunately about the specifics of the virus, and how to keep yourself and family as safe as possible.

We are not health care specialists and do not claim to be. However, there are some clear steps that can be taken to minimize your risk to any airborne infectious pathogen. Our corona virus cleaning services in Fort Walton FL can be your first line of defense in staying safe from the spread of viral infections in your home. Ensuring that high traffic areas and surfaces in your house are fully sanitized with effective cleaning agents is an effective preventative measure. Contact us today!

What’s Included in Our Corona Virus Cleaning Services?

Disinfection – We disinfect all surfaces of your house to fight pathogens and viral agents. Including blinds, dressers, entertainment centers, fan blades, light fixture, mantles, picture frames, side tables, wardrobes, windowsills, and more. Also, perform disinfection of hard to reach high areas.
Mopping – We mop linoleum, tile, and hardwood floors. And also wipe down grimy baseboards.
Sanitization – We sanitize high-traffic areas like doorknobs, kitchen counter tops and toilets.
Wipe downs – We scrub and wipe down bathroom faucets, counter tops, mirrors, sink basins, vanities and the surrounding areas. Our cleaners scrub mildew and soap scum from grout, glass shower doors and tile. In your kitchen, we wipe down counter & stove tops, control knobs, back splashes and cabinets. As well as microwave food splatters, grease and the exterior of all appliances.
Green Tech Commercial Cleaning provides professional and affordable commercial cleaning services to keep things spick and span.


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