Daycare cleaning

Daycare Cleaning Checklist

Daycare Cleaning Checklist


Managing a daycare facility involves handling many challenges, which is why a daycare cleaning checklist is important. Along with current events of Coronavirus, it becomes even more important to keep your daycare facility clean. To provide a safe environment for children you have to make sure that everywhere is properly sanitized and left germ-free. This article is going to include a daycare cleaning checklist that daycare owners can follow when cleaning.


When it comes to keeping your daycare clean, there are numerous tasks that you have to tackle. A poorly organized day care poses a risk to children in the daycare. A proper cleaning schedule for your daycare involves proper storage for toys and making the building safe for everyone.

Clean and sanitize toys

When kids are young, they love to touch things and most of these things end up in their mouth. To ensure that the kids are safe you need to ensure that items are disinfected regularly and kept germ-free. Some of the common items that kids have access to include Doorknobs and toys. Dust buildup in these items can cause allergies in children.

Daycare cleaning checklist

Schedule cleaning

While it is possible for the cleaning to be done alone, the help of expert cleaners will come in handy when cleaning a daycare. Cleaners are capable of identifying areas of the building that are susceptible to gathering dust. A partnership between the daycare and the cleaning company will ensure that children are safe from germs.

Select the right cleaning product

When it comes to caring for daycare, the use of the right cleaning product is very important. A lot of effective cleaning materials are known to be very harsh. Children are often vulnerable to harsh chemicals, with some of them causing allergies. Before selecting a cleaning product, ensure that it is not harmful to kids.

Empty spoiled and spilled food

With so many kids around the daycare, chances are you will be dealing with a lot of spilled and spoiled food. Leaving spilled food to stay long on the ground will give germs a chance to gather there. Ensure that spoiled foods and emptied and spilled food are cleaned always.


This daycare cleaning checklist will make it easier to take of everyone in the daycare, keeping health hazards away. Contact Green Tech for Day care clean cleaning services in Crestview Florida and beyond.