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Commercial carpet cleaning 

Janitorial Services

Green Tech Cleaning provides regular janitorial carpet cleaning Florida for offices and commercial premises. You can focus on other things while your janitors ensure that your office carpets and rugs are kept clean.


 The responsibility of cleaning office carpets should not rest on company officials who have many set targets and objectives to achieve. 

We clean your office premises on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by carrying out a wide range of carpet cleaning tasks based on your preferred plan.

  • We have all the equipment and supplies to efficiently meet the cleaning needs of clients. We make use of the latest equipment for cleaning the office carpets and rugs.
  • We abide by industry guidelines in cleaning your office carpet consultation
  • We provide eco-friendly carpet cleaning. Residues of chemicals used for cleaning will not be left on the carpet and they will not give off offensive odors that can cause irritation and respiratory issues. 
  • Our Janitorial carpet cleaning also covers hotels and other commercial premises. 

A Helping Hand You Can Trust

Our committed staff carries out a wide range of routine cleaning to be carried out as preferred by the client. Our staff abides by set company guidelines in discharging their responsibility of providing excellent janitorial carpet cleaning Florida, with a high level of efficiency. 

Although they will be carrying out a routine task, they are highly motivated and they will not perform below standard. They are also trained to work in a busy office environment so that when your customers are around, they will still carry out their duties without making them uncomfortable.

Green Tech Commercial Cleaning provides professional and affordable commercial cleaning services to keep things spick and span.


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