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5 Effective tips to get rid of odor in commercial restrooms

Cleaning tips to get rid of odor in commercial restrooms

The restroom is home to fecal wastes, some of which have the most undesirable smells. Public restrooms are even more suspect in these cases. However, just because it is the restroom doesn’t mean that it has to smell bad. What if there was a way to rid toilets and bathrooms of this foul smell? Luckily, there is. We have put together some cleaning tips to get rid of odor in commercial restrooms. These tips will help remove the bad odor we experience in some commercial restrooms.

Maintain proper ventilation

Keeping good ventilation in the restroom can make a big difference and help allow fresh air inside and get rid of odor in commercial restrooms. It is advisable to leave the windows open to allow the free flow of air. In addition, install a vent fan to increase ventilation in the restroom. These factors help get rid of foul smells and make the restroom much more bearable.

Practice regular cleaning

Sometimes, the bad smells in commercial restrooms are due to stains in the restroom. For instance, you find that after cleaning the walls, drains, and toilet bowl the restroom starts to smell a lot better. Moreover, you don’t have to wait till you experience odor in your restroom before cleaning. Toilet and bathroom cleaning should be done at least every week to effectively get rid of odor in commercial restrooms.

Use baking soda or vinegar

Apart from what it is primarily used for, baking sodas are great for getting rid of foul smells. White vinegar or baking sodas absorb bad smells. This leaves the restroom smelling much better.

Take out restroom trash

The reason why commercial restrooms have that odor lingering around could be because of the trash can. Take out the restroom thrash to prevent odor in the room. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until it gets full. You can decide to dump the trash every morning.

Wash towels in the bathroom

Every bathroom needs towels and this includes commercial bathrooms. However, it is important to wash these towels regularly.  Damp and dirty towels contain bacteria that cause odors. To clarify, ensure that towels are dried after every use and washed frequently as well. Use bleach and other washing agents to get rid of stains and germs.

In conclusion

Commercial restrooms are prone to bad smells due to how frequently they are used. However, with proper maintenance, you can avoid that. Furthermore, if these tips to get rid of odor in commercial restrooms fail, you can count on us to help out. Our cleaning services are extended to public premises in Crestview, Fl.