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6 Office cleaning mistakes to avoid

6 Office cleaning mistakes to avoid

Maintaining cleanliness in an office can be very difficult, especially when you have a lot of workers. It just seems like there is an endless buildup of dust in every part of the office, whereas you keep clean each day. We know that office cleaning can be frustrating. However, we also know that the reoccurring dirt can be down to some mistakes you make during cleaning. We have put together a list of office cleaning mistakes to avoid for a cleaner office.

Wrong cleaning equipment

Cleaning shouldn’t be so difficult when you’re using the right equipment. For instance, you can dust faster with a microfiber. Using microfiber cloth and mops make it easier to get rid of the dust on tables and windows. Microfibers have thin fibers which make it easy to trap dust, dirt, and even germs.

Cleaning with a dry cloth

Many people have a habit of cleaning with dry clothes. However, research has shown that cleaning is easier when your cleaning material is damp. This is even better for areas of the office where dust and dirt residues have mixed with oil. Dampen your microfiber cloth or any other cleaning material before using it for better results.

Cleaning with dirty equipment

Another example of office cleaning mistakes to avoid is using dirty cleaning equipment. Cloths get dirty quickly when cleaning, so ensure that you have sufficient cleaning clothes. Also, ensure that your cleaning equipment is washed immediately after using them. Check for some of the best ways to keep your cleaning equipment clean.

Failure to move objects

Sometimes people think they can take shortcuts during cleaning to finish quickly. However, this is not the case, and you might find yourself with worse cleaning problems. One mistake that they make is leaving objects in place when cleaning. It seems easier to clean around the object and leave the object in place, but this only results in a messy job.

Cleaning from the wrong place

Another example of office cleaning mistakes to avoid is starting from the wrong spot. One office cleaning rule that is important is cleaning from top to bottom. Cleaning the top part last means dirt particles to fall after the lower parts have been cleaned. This means that you have to clean those places again.

Using poor vacuum filters

If you want to cut some cost in cleaning, going for low-quality vacuum filters is not the way to do it. Poor or dirty vacuum filters will cause dirt to escape back into the air during cleaning. Use a HEPA-filter vacuum when cleaning to prevent this from happening.

Try Greentech

Since there are so many office cleaning mistakes to avoid, a cleaning service agency might just be the best solution. Here at Greentech, we offer commercial cleaning services in Crestview FL and surrounding cities. Contact us today to help you keep your office space clean and sparkling!