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Best Guidelines for Office Cleaning

Guidelines for office cleaning

With the country reopening, business has begun once again. However, the threat of the virus is still looming and everyone must take the right precaution to curtail the spread. To help ensure that you can go about your work with little worries, we are going to be sharing some of the best guidelines for office cleaning. This will help people to work with reduced risk of disease spread.

Clean objects and surfaces

The first step in our guidelines for office cleaning involves cleaning the surfaces and objects. This is because they are susceptible to frequent touch.  You must wear disposable gloves during this process.

Clean the surfaces with soap and disinfectant

Cleaning the surfaces with base solvent helps to reduce the germs on those surfaces. It also makes it easier to get rid of dirt and impurities on high contact objects. Use disinfectants to get rid of germs.  Ensure that you clean frequently touched surfaces regularly. The frequency of cleaning depends on how many times the surfaces and objects are touched. Soap and water is best used for cleaning these surfaces.

Cleaning soft surfaces

Use soap and water to clean carpets and rugs in the office. If possible it is better to launder these items with help from cleaning service. If you would do this by yourself, ensure that warm water and the appropriate disinfectant is used. Dry items completely before they are put back in place.

Cleaning electronics

It is best to use wipeable covers for electronic devices. Certain manufacturers also leave information for cleaning and disinfecting of their devices. If you have no information, use alcohol-based wipes to clean the devices and dry them before use.

Laundry cleaning

You must wear gloves when doing the dirty laundry. You should also avoid shaking them. Clean and disinfect the clothe hampers and laundry baskets as you would do for other objects. Ensure that you remove the gloves and wash your hands after cleaning.

Employ Green-tech cleaning

We understand that not everyone can follow these guidelines for office cleaning. If you need assistance with keeping your offices and buildings clean, we are here to help.