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How to Clean Office Desk Properly

How to Clean Office Desk Properly


-A dirty desk reduces work productivity

-How to clean office desk effectively

-How to arrange your office desk


A dirty and cluttered desk doesn’t just have bad health effects, it also affects productivity at work. Leaving your desk uncleaned puts you at risk of diseases, especially when you are in a shared office space. Follow these tips to declutter and clean office desk properly for more work output.

How to clean office desk

Remove the Clutter

The first step to take when cleaning your desk is to remove the mess completely. Take out everything that might prevent you from cleaning properly and also empty the cabinet. This way you can see all the things that need to be arranged.

Clean the Desk

The next step to take is to clean and disinfect the desk. The desk often harbors harmful germs and bacteria due to people coming in contact with it. These bacteria are responsible for some of the common sickness. Use a disinfectant spray and a cloth to clean the germs before using a wood polish to make it shine.

Organize the Mess

What comes after you have a clean office desk? Arrange the items which you’ve left lying on the floor all this while. Sort out the papers and files which are the major cause of clutter on the desk. Dispose of items that are no longer important and keep the important documents in a drawer.

Arrange other items

Your arrangement technique determines how often the office desk will get cluttered. Keep frequently used items on the desk, within reach. This will prevent you from scattering the place each time you need them. Use a desk organizer to store items and keep them properly arranged.

Clean up after each day

The only way to prevent desk cleaning from becoming a burden is to ensure that it is done regularly. Ensure that you clean the desk each day before leaving the office. This leaves you with less to do when you arrive the next day. It also prevents germs and dirt from piling up and infecting other surfaces.

How to clean office desk

Get Professional Cleaning Help

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