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5 Useful Steps in the Office kitchen cleaning procedure

Steps in the Office Kitchen Cleaning Procedure

Not every office has a kitchen, but for the once that do, the employees are faced with the task of keeping it clean. Since the office kitchen is shared, keeping it clean should be the shared job of everyone who uses it. Leaving the kitchen unattended could have negative repercussions on the health of your employees, which would threaten their ability to do work.

Here is an office kitchen cleaning procedure that you can apply to your office to ensure that it is clean always.

Obtain cleaning supplies for the kitchen

The first step to any type of cleaning is getting the right equipment for the job. Your employees can’t attempt cleaning if the right equipment is not available. Some premium supplies required for office cleaning include broom, cloths, cleaning gloves, microfiber, and multipurpose detergents. Keep in mind that various kitchen appliances require specific cleaning supplies.

Remove clutters from the kitchen

Since the office kitchen is shared by multiple persons, there are often a lot of interactions going on between them. You often find people dropping items in the wrong place, which eventually leads to clutters. Remove the clutters and placing items in their appropriate place before anything else. The dishes should be kept in the right place, and the trash should also be taken out frequently to make cleaning easier.

Clear the fridge

The office fridge should be cleaned often to prevent bad smell from building up. Check the fridge frequently for expired food and drinks and make sure that they are emptied. After taking out the expired products, give the fridge a quick scrub to keep it tidy.

Clean appliances

Another important step in the office kitchen cleaning procedure is the cleaning of appliances and fixtures. Numerous office kitchen appliances need to be cleaned regularly. Failure to clean them can result in your office kitchen getting messy with lingering odor in the entire office. The appliances that require office cleaning include the fridge, oven, and stove. Other parts of the kitchen that require clean are the doorknobs, light switches, and the tap.

Clean the sink

Germs are often present in the kitchen sink, especially when it is not properly maintained. These organisms can cause diseases to your employees, eventually leading to a reduction in the company’s output. Ensure that the sink is often cleaned and thoroughly sanitized to kill the germs. The use of powerful disinfectants and cleaners is encouraged.

Try out this office kitchen cleaning procedure for a cleaner and more hygienic office kitchen. Contact Green Tech cleaning for office cleaning and other commercial cleaning services. We are available to residents of Florida.