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5 Top Tips For Improved Office Air Quality

Top tips for improved office air quality

The quality of air in the office can go a long way to determine the performance of employees. People are often unable to put their best effort when the environment is not conducive. In addition, poor air quality could have side effects such as headaches, fatigue, coughing, and sneezing. It is even worse when you work in an office with several others. Fortunately, there are tips for improved office air quality. It doesn’t matter if you work alone or with several others, these tips will improve the air quality within your workspace.

Guide to improved air quality

Proper ventilation

Poor ventilation is the number one cause of poor air quality in any building. Poor ventilation is usually due to a bad ventilation system in a building. In some cases, you can improve air quality by leaving the windows open for a while. Other times, you may need to invest in a ventilation system for better air quality. This might seem costly but it has great benefits in the long run.

Clean Ducts

Cleaning air ducts is another thing that can be done for improved office air quality. Irritants are known to build up in the air ducts and HVAC systems. Combined with air, these irritants make it hard for people to breathe. Sometimes this could have more severe consequences, especially in people with respiratory issues. Have your air ducts and HVAC cleaned regularly to eliminate these concerns.

Improved layout

The layout of your office can also affect air quality. Certain items and equipment in the office are known to reduce air quality. Ensure that you have a separate room for these items or you can try keeping them away from the workers. Large copiers and other equipment that generate heat are examples of items to watch out for.

Reduce irritants

Reducing irritants like dust and dirt could be key to improved office air quality. Dust and dirt are usually tracked in by people when they walk into the office. They eventually accumulate, having an adverse effect on the air quality in the building. Ensure that you have high-quality mats stationed at each entrance to reduce the dirt that is being brought in.

Get cleaning service

Regularly cleaning is important for improved office air quality. The cleaning service can have a major impact on air quality in the building. Proper cleaning materials like microfiber cleaners are great for removing dirt. Consider hiring a cleaning service to deal with germs and dirt in your workplace.

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