How often should you schedule office cleaning?

How often should you schedule office cleaning?

Business owners realize the importance of a clean office. However, they don’t know how often cleaning is required. A clean office is important among business owners to create a good impression for customers. Several factors should be considered before you schedule office cleaning. These include the size of the building and the activity carried out. To learn about the frequency of office cleaning, read this article.

Factors to consider

 Number of employees

The number of employees you have in a building determines how often it should be cleaned. If your building holds several employees, it is important to ensure that carpets are cleaned once a week. However, if you have only a few employees, you may consider carpet cleaning less frequently.

Office size

The size of the office is also a determining factor in the frequency of cleaning. It is difficult to fully clean a large office within a day. Due to this, parts of the building will be cleaned separately.

Frequency of customer visits

It is important to keep commonly visited areas clean. Clean lobbies and restrooms daily to put them in perfect condition. Clean the restroom regularly if you have frequent visitors.

How often should you schedule office cleaning?

The frequency of office cleaning depends on the area of the office to be cleaned. Areas like medical office require daily cleaning while other areas may only require weekly cleaning.

Office kitchen cleaning

The office kitchen is an area where food is prepared, so it has to be kept in a clean condition. Clean shelves daily. However, you only have to schedule professional janitorial services once a week for the kitchen.

Restroom cleaning

You need the services of professional cleaners daily for the restroom. Also, a dirty restroom makes customers wary of visiting. Clean it more frequently if it experiences a lot of traffic.

Lobby areas

The lobby is the welcoming room for customers and as such, it should be presentable. Clean surface daily and vacuum to remove dirt. Ensure that this area receives frequent attention.


The cleaning frequency of your office depends on the number of visitors you have. You can do basic cleaning yourself. However,  deep clean a few times across the year.

Building exterior

The exterior is an important part of general office cleaning. Wash the windows and lobby monthly. This will ensure that your visitors get a nice view when they come in. In addition, schedule a pressure washing session to get rid of stubborn stains on concretes and in the driveway. Pressure washing the building exterior at least once a year


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