To ensure that all our staff imbibes the culture safety and maximum standards we hire trustworthy people that are ready to follow our laid down guidelines which include:
Our staffs are uniformed and they wear protective materials while working. This reduces any risk of hazard while carrying out their duties of cleaning your offices.
All the products and chemicals that we use while carrying out our office cleaning services are authorized to be used in the cleaning industry. This means that they do not pose any threat to people or surfaces that have been cleaned.

Health risks such as irritation caused by the use of certain chemicals or residues that can be dangerous to the health are eliminated through the use of safe and authorized products for cleaning.
That often causes residues on your office carpets can be avoided through our steaming technology that regulates the temperature of water used for cleaning.
Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Service
Green Tech Commercial Cleaning provides professional and affordable commercial cleaning services to keep things spick and span.


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