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5 Major Office Cleaning Myths

Major Office Cleaning Myths

There is a need to maintain a clean office environment, this is because employees spend the majority of their time at work. Proper hygiene from your workers is of utmost importance in keeping the space clean. One of the things that can come in the way of good hygiene is a Myth. As for cleaning experts, we often hear about a couple of myths that can increase the chances of diseases at work. We have put together some of the major office cleaning myths to watch for.

You can clean all by yourself

One of the major office cleaning myths is that you don’t need a commercial cleaning service. Although some organizations count on employees to help with cleaning the office, however, the extra burden can lead to less efficient performance. Employees can help with some minor cleaning activities, but the cleaning majority should be left for the cleaning service.

Soap will kill Bacteria

A lot of people believe that soaps kill bacteria, and it neutralizes dirt, but it doesn’t! While certain cleaning agents, like hand sanitizers, are capable of eliminating bacteria, but soaps are not one of those. Soaps only loosen particles of dirt and germs on our skin. This makes it easy to wash them off with running water.

The cleaning product does not matter

Among the major cleaning myths that we have come across is that cleaning products do not matter. People tend to go for cheaper options when purchasing cleaning materials, however, cheaper options often cause more problems than solutions. Cleaning materials should not be managed, because you could be making the problem worse.

You’ll be sure when your hands are dirty

Most people believe that it is easy to know when your hands are dirty, but this not true. Germs can live on your hands and skin without your knowledge. Although these germs cannot be seen by the naked eye, they are still there. This is why it is necessary and essential to wash your hands regularly and not just when you feel they are dirty. Use soap and water to wash off dirt after coming in contact with the high-touch areas and before eating.

No need for special cleaning equipment

One of the major office cleaning myths you’d likely hear is that the cleaning equipment does not matter. While certain people still follow the traditional method of cleaning, modern equipment is needed for some activities. To keep your office in good shape and keep your employees safe from germs, there is a need to use advanced cleaning equipment.

Avoiding these major office cleaning myths will ensure that your office is in perfect condition always. 

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