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How to Identify and Eliminate Office Smells

How to Identify and Eliminate Office Smells

The workplace can be home to unpleasant and foul smells, especially when it is poorly taken care of. Sometimes, it is difficult to identify the source of odor in the office until the situation escalates. However, you still need to create a conducive environment for your employees by keeping bad smells away. This is why we have created a guide to help you identify and eliminate office smells

Find the Source of the Odor

To eliminate office smells, you need to find the main source of the odor. Some of the common sources of smells are usually the kitchen and restrooms. Ensure that the sinks and drains are properly cleaned and disinfected to kill bacteria. Several cleaners can be poured down the drain to kill the bacteria. Other causes of odor include dripping water and soiled grout. Get in touch with your cleaning agencies to schedule regular cleaning for these areas and ensure they are kept in order.

Clear the Air

Clearing the air is another great way to eliminate office smells. It is the first thing that should be done when you notice there’s an odor. Clearing the air doesn’t just involve covering up odors. Odor removal has more permanence when you use odor eliminators. Odor eliminators are designed to capture the bacteria that causes odor in the office and leave a refreshing smell afterward. After this, you can then select a pleasant fragrance to be applied to your office. A good choice is a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression but isn’t overwhelming to your employees and visitors.

Proper Maintenance

After finding and eliminating foul air in your workplace, you need to develop a cleaning schedule to ensure that it stays that way. One option is to communicate with your employees to set up or a cleaning schedule to ensure that everyone participates in cleaning. Regular cleaning activities include taking out the trash, wiping down counters, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. Proper maintenance procedures will ensure that your office stays clean and germ-free always.

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