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How to Clean Office Reception

How to clean office reception

Ensuring that your reception area is tidy is a major part of office cleaning. The office reception area is the first place that visitors and clients see when they step into the office building. To make the best first impression, you need to ensure that it is in the best condition. This article will talk about how to clean office reception.

 Avoid clutters

Another way to keep clean office reception is by making space available. A clustered waiting room is likely to make your clients uncomfortable. It also makes it easy for dirt to accumulate in corners of the room since they are difficult to reach. Ensure that unimportant files, books, and furniture are kept away from the reception. This makes it easier to spot dirt in the room and it also makes the area more comfortable.

Clean the floor regularly

The reception floor is likely to be the area with the most dirt in the office. This is because it is an area of free movement for everyone. As people walk by, dirt from their shoes fall to the ground and get accumulated. Certain rugs are also known for trapping dust and have to be cleaned thoroughly to remove them. Keep a doormat at the entrance of the office building, so visitors can dust their shoes when they walk in. Also, make sure that the floor is cleaned at intervals to remove dirt become they accumulate.

Keep a waste bin nearby

At times, people who come into the premises come along with wraps of snacks. A place should be provided for them to throw the rubbish so that they don’t leave them lying around. A small waste bin can be kept in the office reception where people can empty their dirt.

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