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Why Your Business Needs Commercial Cleaning Professionals

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Cleaning Professionals

  • How using commercial cleaning professionals boosts employee morale
  • Cleaning professionals produce better cleaning results.
  • Gain more by investing in quality cleaning services


As a business owner who wants to grow, your first instinct is to avoid major expenses. The office cleaning budget is one of the areas that business owners often cut from. However, having your employees do the majority of office cleaning tasks could have bad effects on your business. If that has been your choice, this article is about to show you why your small business needs commercial cleaning professionals.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Professionals over DIY

It is cheaper in the long run

Leaving the cleaning task to employees means that you need to purchase major cleaning equipment that commercial cleaning professionals already possess. In addition, time spent cleaning is time taken away from their primary task. This is likely to reduce the quality of their work and cause the company to lose clients.

Better cleaning results

Employees of your company were  employed because they do their jobs better than a regular person. This also applies to commercial cleaning professionals. Commercial cleaners have much experience cleaning. They are aware of the right cleaning product to use and the hidden dirt spots in the building.

Better maintenance

Items like windows, carpet, and upholstery require a level of professional touch to prevent them from being damaged. Employees often do not have the professional knowledge to handle this type of cleaning. Professional cleaners already know the dos and don’ts of cleaning. They will ensure that proper technique is employed when cleaning, to promote longevity.

Reduced risk of diseases

With increased cases of Covid-19, it has becoming more important to leave the cleaning to professionals. Leaving your employees to handle cleaning in a shared area could put them at risk since they lack the expertise and equipment. A professional cleaner can handle cleaning in a way that puts nobody at risk.


Green Tech Cleaning is worth the investment

Commercial cleaning Professionals

Investing in professional cleaners is an investment in your business. This single act can protect your employees and see your business thrive. Here at Green Tech, we offer professional cleaning services to commercial and residential buildings. Contact us today to schedule cleaning for your building in Florida.

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5 tips to keep a clean office exterior

How to keep a clean office exterior

The office premises represents the face and identity of your company. The building exterior is one of the first things that visitors see when they walk into the building. As a result, it plays an important role in deciding the way your business is perceived by others. A clean and attractive office exterior will show clients that your company is proactive. This blog post is going to contain tips that will aid you in keeping a clean office building exterior.

Paint walls

One of the most noticeable signs that a building exterior is dirty is by the appearance of the wall. The wall is so important because it is very noticeable. At first look, visitors will believe that your office is dirty even if it’s not when the walls are old. Pressure washing can be used to remove dirt from the walls so a fresh coat of paint can be applied.

Clean gutters

It is easy to overlook gutter cleaning because sometimes they can’t be easily noticed. However, they are still a major part of your office appearance. Cleaning your gutters will ensure that it remains in good condition and prevents blockage.

Clean windows

The window is one of the most noticeable features of the office exterior. A dirty window doesn’t just make your office unattractive, it reduces the amount of light that gets into the building. Set up regular window cleaning services to ensure that the office window is cleaned always.

Pick litters

Dirt and rubbish tend to find their ways to the ground even when you try as best to avoid that. If left unattended, the litter can affect a visitor’s perception of your building. To maintain a clean office exterior, invest in litter pickers, and take frequent walks around the building to remove dirt.

Schedule office cleaning

Leaving the staff to handle the cleaning of your office can be quite difficult. They might not have enough time to juggle office cleaning with their regular cleaning activities. This is where office cleaning service comes in handy. Office cleaners can handle the cleaning of both the office exterior and interior.


Contact Greentech cleaning for office cleaning services in Crestview FL and nearby cities. We’ll help keep your building clean and properly maintained.

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How to Clean Office Reception

How to clean office reception

Ensuring that your reception area is tidy is a major part of office cleaning. The office reception area is the first place that visitors and clients see when they step into the office building. To make the best first impression, you need to ensure that it is in the best condition. This article will talk about how to clean office reception.

 Avoid clutters

Another way to keep clean office reception is by making space available. A clustered waiting room is likely to make your clients uncomfortable. It also makes it easy for dirt to accumulate in corners of the room since they are difficult to reach. Ensure that unimportant files, books, and furniture are kept away from the reception. This makes it easier to spot dirt in the room and it also makes the area more comfortable.

Clean the floor regularly

The reception floor is likely to be the area with the most dirt in the office. This is because it is an area of free movement for everyone. As people walk by, dirt from their shoes fall to the ground and get accumulated. Certain rugs are also known for trapping dust and have to be cleaned thoroughly to remove them. Keep a doormat at the entrance of the office building, so visitors can dust their shoes when they walk in. Also, make sure that the floor is cleaned at intervals to remove dirt become they accumulate.

Keep a waste bin nearby

At times, people who come into the premises come along with wraps of snacks. A place should be provided for them to throw the rubbish so that they don’t leave them lying around. A small waste bin can be kept in the office reception where people can empty their dirt.

Call Greentech

Green-tech can also contribute to a clean office reception. We offer commercial cleaning services to office buildings in Crestview Fl. Our range of services includes Window cleaning, Janitorial cleaning, and Biohazard cleaning. Contact us or request a quote today.

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Top 4 Must have Office Deep Cleaning Checklist items

Office deep cleaning checklist

Why is an Office Deep Cleaning Checklist needed? The cleanliness and appearance of your office says a lot about the state of your business. It is the aim of every business owner to make the best first impression when clients visit and a clean working environment helps with that. Deep cleaning your office space makes it corona virus free for employees and visitors. This article contains office cleaning services and our top 4 checklist items that everyone should be aware of.

Office Deep Cleaning Checklist

1. Remove clutter

The first thing on this office deep cleaning checklist is removing the clutter which makes your office appear. Clutter makes the office appear unattractive and dirty even when it is not. It can also serve as a hiding place for rodents and insect which destroy things. Empty the desk and remove papers and other items which are no longer required.

2. Disinfect surfaces

The next step in the office deep cleaning checklist involves disinfecting surfaces. The office space is usually shared with many people and one sick person can out the others at risk. Frequently contacted surfaces and items should be disinfected to kill bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. This can be done with an eco-friendly disinfectant made from vinegar and water.

3. Dust surfaces

No matter how often you clean, dust always manages to find its way into the office. A dusty office can trigger allergies in some people causing them to fall sick. Dust can also cause damage to electronic items if they are not cleaned frequently. Microfiber clothe can be used to remove excess dust in the office from various surfaces.

4. Organize items

After disinfecting and decluttering shared surfaces, the next step is to organize the workspace. An organized office makes it easier for employees to move around. It also makes it easier to find things in the workplace. Organize stationery and cabinets and fill them with the appropriate items.

Green Tech deep cleaning services

Do you need deep cleaning services in Crestview, Florida and its surrounding? Contact Green Tech. We can help with the difficult cleaning tasks which might prove to be difficult for you. Request a quote today to get started.


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Great ways commercial cleaners can prevent office pest infestations

Tips to prevent office pest infestations

Pest problem is one that every office owner would like to avoid. Poor cleaning services can leave you dealing with a nightmare situation where your office is overrun by pests.  Apart from being put off by them, some of these pests are can make a mess in the office. Quality commercial cleaning service is an important part of keeping pests away. In this article, we’ll be talking about how commercial cleaners can prevent office pest infestations.

Garbage bin disposal

Food waste is a major reason for pest infestation in most commercial premises. The waste bin is where most food waste is emptied which makes it the perfect spot for pests. Leaving trashcans unemptied and uncovered provides pests with an unlimited food source. To prevent the pests from coming to the garbage bin, you need to make sure that it is emptied at the end of each day. Your commercial cleaner will ensure that the garbage disposal is emptied after each day. This will ensure that the pests have little to feed on.

Source of water

Another way to prevent office pest infestations is by limiting their source of water. Like other creatures, pests also need water to survive. So these damaging creatures are likely to going to hang around when they find one. However, you only notice them coming out when everyone has left for their homes. Moisture can be generated from poor drainage and pipe leaks. Commercial cleaners can help you identify the moisture problems, so plumbers can get them fixed. They’ll also make sure that spills are not left on the floors and tables.

Cluttered office

Getting rid of clutters is another great to prevent office pest infestations. A cluttered office provides insects ad rodents with great hiding spots. These pests eventually make these places home and you can catch them moving around once in a while. Some of the pests can even cause damages to office files and documents.  Commercial cleaners can help get rid of the clutter and provide you with a cleaner and organized office space.

Food spills

Riding your office of food spills can help prevent office pest infestations. If rodents and insects can find food in the garbage can, they don’t mind picking some of the floor or your desk. A professional cleaning service will ensure that every area of the office is thoroughly cleaned and crumbs of food are removed. This will leave the office pests little to feast on.

There are numerous ways in which commercial cleaners can prevent office pest infestations and you should consider hiring one if you haven’t. Greentech offers professional cleaning services in Crestview FL for both commercial and residential premises. Request a quote today.

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5 Benefits of deep cleaning services for office

Benefits of deep cleaning services for office

Most workers spend most of their waking hours in the office. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that the office is clean and free from germs.  A dirty office can increase the risk of diseases in employees which also reduces productivity in the office.  A deep cleaning service ensures that the office is free from germs due to proper sanitation. In this article, we are going to be talking about the benefit of deep cleaning services for office.

Improved employee health

The major benefit of deep cleaning services for office is the effect it has on the health of employees. Viruses are notorious for spreading rapidly and one sick employee can put everyone else at risk. Deep cleaning regularly will ensure that virus and bacteria which are responsible for diseases are eliminated. You can also reduce the spread of germs by encouraging employees to maintain hygiene and sanitizing shared areas.

More productivity

Sick employees can hinder the productivity of an organization, especially if the sickness lasts for a long time. To help keep employees healthy always, ensure that ducts, vents, and frequently touched materials are cleaned regularly. By deep cleaning, you are reducing allergens and viruses in the environment which causes diseases and reduces the overall productivity of the organization.

Good impression

Another benefit of deep cleaning services for office is that it creates a good impression on visitors and customers. Visitors are more encouraged to visit and spend time in your office when it is free from dirt. A dirty office can cause you to lose opportunities and possibly resources. In addition, a clean organization also causes the employees to take pride in what they do. The employees are more likely to give off a positive vibe to visitors in this situation.


Deep cleaning services can also reduce eh overall cost of the organization in the long run. Regularly maintained carpet and rugs are less likely to get damaged which rules out the cost of maintenance. Deep cleaning also contributes to the longevity of other things like appliances and upholstery in the office.

Less stress

Getting a professional to take care of deep cleaning will reduce the stress on employees. Employees don’t have to worry about doing the major cleaning tasks and this can increase their productivity in other areas.

Overall, deep cleaning services for office have many benefits to the organization. Greentech offers commercial cleaning services, ensuring that your office is well-taken care of. Our service area includes Crestview FL and surrounding cities.


Complete medical cleaning service.
In a well-coordinated manner, the team will ensure that every corner of the offices including the ceilings, surfaces, windows, walls and the floor are properly clean and tidy.

We give the carpets in your medical office a thorough our medical office carpet cleaning Florida to rid your carpet of germs and dirt.

Finding the right carpet cleaning services for your medical offices and buildings might be herculean if you have not met Green Tech Cleaning. We know that medical office carpet cleaning requires the utmost care and professionalism to clean and keep tidy because of the sensitive nature of the work environment. 

Our team is specially trained to deliver efficient services to clients in the medical industry. We will certainly provide your medical office carpet with the best medical office carpet cleaning services that will leave you satisfied.

Careful Handling While Cleaning

You don’t need to worry about moving out all the medical equipment in your office before we clean your carpet efficiently. Our team of cleaners is highly trained to handle carpet cleaning even with medical equipment available. 

They are also equipped with protective materials while working 

We have the staff strength and relevant equipment to handle large carpet cleaning projects so contact us today.


Medical equipment:

We also offer specialized cleaning of medical equipment in the office. Using the best equipment available we give your surfaces, windows and equipment clean and tidy. Medical office cleaning will also be carried out with disinfectants to guarantee a healthy medical office and workplace.

Timely Delivery of Services:

Our team will carry out medical office carpet cleaning Florida in record time without compromising standards. You need not worry about spending long hours away from work for cleaning to take place because our team of cleaners is highly coordinated. They know what the client wants and will use the best and fastest means possible to get the job done. It is essential to keep medical offices clean always and Green Tech Cleaning understands the importance of doing that to your satisfaction. Simply contact us or book any services of your choice.

Green Tech Commercial Cleaning provides professional and affordable commercial cleaning services to keep things spick and span.


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5 Major Office Cleaning Myths

Major Office Cleaning Myths

There is a need to maintain a clean office environment, this is because employees spend the majority of their time at work. Proper hygiene from your workers is of utmost importance in keeping the space clean. One of the things that can come in the way of good hygiene is a Myth. As for cleaning experts, we often hear about a couple of myths that can increase the chances of diseases at work. We have put together some of the major office cleaning myths to watch for.

You can clean all by yourself

One of the major office cleaning myths is that you don’t need a commercial cleaning service. Although some organizations count on employees to help with cleaning the office, however, the extra burden can lead to less efficient performance. Employees can help with some minor cleaning activities, but the cleaning majority should be left for the cleaning service.

Soap will kill Bacteria

A lot of people believe that soaps kill bacteria, and it neutralizes dirt, but it doesn’t! While certain cleaning agents, like hand sanitizers, are capable of eliminating bacteria, but soaps are not one of those. Soaps only loosen particles of dirt and germs on our skin. This makes it easy to wash them off with running water.

The cleaning product does not matter

Among the major cleaning myths that we have come across is that cleaning products do not matter. People tend to go for cheaper options when purchasing cleaning materials, however, cheaper options often cause more problems than solutions. Cleaning materials should not be managed, because you could be making the problem worse.

You’ll be sure when your hands are dirty

Most people believe that it is easy to know when your hands are dirty, but this not true. Germs can live on your hands and skin without your knowledge. Although these germs cannot be seen by the naked eye, they are still there. This is why it is necessary and essential to wash your hands regularly and not just when you feel they are dirty. Use soap and water to wash off dirt after coming in contact with the high-touch areas and before eating.

No need for special cleaning equipment

One of the major office cleaning myths you’d likely hear is that the cleaning equipment does not matter. While certain people still follow the traditional method of cleaning, modern equipment is needed for some activities. To keep your office in good shape and keep your employees safe from germs, there is a need to use advanced cleaning equipment.

Avoiding these major office cleaning myths will ensure that your office is in perfect condition always. 

A cleaning company will largely contribute to this and the cleaning company is Green Tech. We offer commercial and janitorial cleaning services. Request a quote or call us today. Follow our social media pages (Twitter, FacebookInstagram) for more cleaning tips and ways to stay healthy.

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5 Difficult Work Areas to Clean

5 Difficult Work Areas to Clean

Any regular office contains dirt and germs which are responsible for diseases and allergies that affect the output rate of employees. Diseases caused by germs, viruses, and bacteria can influence the employees’ productivity and that of the company in the long run. If you are looking to increase the productivity of your employees, keeping them healthy is one way to start. To make your job easier, we have listed out some difficult work areas to clean. By identifying them, you can work towards eliminating the germs in these spots.

Tough Spots to Clean

The Telephone

Depending on the type of work you do, the telephone is one of the most used devices. The keypad is susceptible to picking up germs and spreading them, especially if the phone is being shared. The telephone also collects germs (bacteria) from saliva, and they remain in nooks and cracks. This means that simply cleaning your phone with a wipe won’t do. You need proper cleaning to access the cracks and keypad corners.

Coffee Machine

The coffee machine is also one of the most difficult work areas to clean. This is due to high moisture, spills, and warmth. The microwave also has corners and spots that are difficult to reach, which give room for accumulation and spread of germs.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets, rugs, and upholstery are among the difficult work areas to clean, and they can sometimes require the service of professional cleaners. Carpets are susceptible to harboring bacteria and moisture, which often sink deep into the materials. Using regular disinfectants can cause damage to them. An experienced cleaning service would be able to wash and disinfect them without causing any damage.


The bathroom and their faucets are some of the germiest spots and difficult work areas to clean. Almost every area of the bathroom contains bacteria and germs that can cause diseases. They also have cracks and corners where germs can hide during disinfecting. Proper cleaning is required to remove the germs from these areas.

Computer Keyboards

Computer keyboards have the same problem with telephone keypads. They are known for being home to food crumbs, dirt, and germs. Regular cleaning of the keyboard won’t eliminate the dirt in these spots. The dirt between the keyboards needs to be reached and removed.

At Greentech cleaning, we offer office cleaning services to help identify and disinfect difficult work areas to clean. Our cleaners have experience in dealing with dirty and germy areas of the building. You can call us or visit our website to reach us today.

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How to Identify and Eliminate Office Smells

How to Identify and Eliminate Office Smells

The workplace can be home to unpleasant and foul smells, especially when it is poorly taken care of. Sometimes, it is difficult to identify the source of odor in the office until the situation escalates. However, you still need to create a conducive environment for your employees by keeping bad smells away. This is why we have created a guide to help you identify and eliminate office smells

Find the Source of the Odor

To eliminate office smells, you need to find the main source of the odor. Some of the common sources of smells are usually the kitchen and restrooms. Ensure that the sinks and drains are properly cleaned and disinfected to kill bacteria. Several cleaners can be poured down the drain to kill the bacteria. Other causes of odor include dripping water and soiled grout. Get in touch with your cleaning agencies to schedule regular cleaning for these areas and ensure they are kept in order.

Clear the Air

Clearing the air is another great way to eliminate office smells. It is the first thing that should be done when you notice there’s an odor. Clearing the air doesn’t just involve covering up odors. Odor removal has more permanence when you use odor eliminators. Odor eliminators are designed to capture the bacteria that causes odor in the office and leave a refreshing smell afterward. After this, you can then select a pleasant fragrance to be applied to your office. A good choice is a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression but isn’t overwhelming to your employees and visitors.

Proper Maintenance

After finding and eliminating foul air in your workplace, you need to develop a cleaning schedule to ensure that it stays that way. One option is to communicate with your employees to set up or a cleaning schedule to ensure that everyone participates in cleaning. Regular cleaning activities include taking out the trash, wiping down counters, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. Proper maintenance procedures will ensure that your office stays clean and germ-free always.

Green Tech cleaning service is always available to help if you find it difficult to eliminate office smells. We offer unique office cleaning services to public premises in Florida and its surrounding cities. Contact us to get your cleaning needs sorted. Follow our social media pages for more cleaning tips and ways to stay healthy. (Twitter, FacebookInstagram)