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Curbing the Spread of the Coronavirus

COVID-19 remains a global health crisis with a rising death toll and numbers of recorded cases growing at an alarming rate. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports over 7 million infections in the United States with over 200,000 deaths.


Coronavirus is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system and other vital body organs; it spreads through contaminated surfaces at home, in the office, business premises, outdoors, and the air according to health authorities. Everyone is at risk of getting infected except all safety protocols and recommendations are adhered to.


Maintaining clean surfaces and disinfecting them regularly is the best way to stay safe from the virus. The coronavirus pandemic remains a major global health crisis because new cases are still being reported and the number of deaths is soaring at an alarming rate. 

 Green Tech Cleaning is helping to curb the virus spread through Coronavirus cleaning services, Florida.

We Are Professionals!

We have many years of experience in providing cleaning services and ensuring client satisfaction. Our cleaners are highly trained to work with CDC guidelines, using effective equipment and methods to deliver this service. Our team is trained to offer coronavirus cleaning services in the following areas:

Residential Cleaning

General house cleaning against coronavirus is very important because the virus can spread through contaminated surfaces such as furniture, walls, chairs, windows, handles and rooms. No surface will be left out of our coronavirus cleaning services, Florida. 

Both the interior and exterior of your house including, soft surfaces like upholstery and carpets will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial places also need coronavirus cleaning services because more people visit these places, touching objects of high contact. Our coronavirus cleaning removes stains and dirt from floors, door, ceilings, restrooms, carpets, upholstery, walls and high contact objects. 


We also clean both the interior and exterior of offices, hotels, medical offices, business premises, salons, and more. 


Disinfecting & Sanitizing Surfaces & places

Our coronavirus cleaning services are holistic. Aside from just cleaning these places to remove stains and dirt, we thoroughly disinfect them against coronavirus and other harmful pathogens.

 We use cleaning solutions and methods approved by the CDC ensuring that viruses and bacteria are eliminated.

Our Priority

Our priority in offering the coronavirus cleaning services includes;

Quality Maintenance

We make use of safe cleaning and disinfecting chemicals that do not damage your properties. The unique qualities of the items we clean are preserved.

 Safety of Humans and Pets

Our coronavirus cleaning does not expose you or your pets to irritation or respiratory problems because we use safe chemicals. So, we are the right choice for coronavirus cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

Kill Viruses and bacteria

Aside from killing coronavirus, our cleaning and disinfecting services eliminates other viruses, bacteria, and harmful pathogens.

To get started, request a quote from Green Tech Cleaning for coronavirus cleaning services Florida.

Coronavirus Cleaning Services Florida
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5 Top Tips For Improved Office Air Quality

Top tips for improved office air quality

The quality of air in the office can go a long way to determine the performance of employees. People are often unable to put their best effort when the environment is not conducive. In addition, poor air quality could have side effects such as headaches, fatigue, coughing, and sneezing. It is even worse when you work in an office with several others. Fortunately, there are tips for improved office air quality. It doesn’t matter if you work alone or with several others, these tips will improve the air quality within your workspace.

Guide to improved air quality

Proper ventilation

Poor ventilation is the number one cause of poor air quality in any building. Poor ventilation is usually due to a bad ventilation system in a building. In some cases, you can improve air quality by leaving the windows open for a while. Other times, you may need to invest in a ventilation system for better air quality. This might seem costly but it has great benefits in the long run.

Clean Ducts

Cleaning air ducts is another thing that can be done for improved office air quality. Irritants are known to build up in the air ducts and HVAC systems. Combined with air, these irritants make it hard for people to breathe. Sometimes this could have more severe consequences, especially in people with respiratory issues. Have your air ducts and HVAC cleaned regularly to eliminate these concerns.

Improved layout

The layout of your office can also affect air quality. Certain items and equipment in the office are known to reduce air quality. Ensure that you have a separate room for these items or you can try keeping them away from the workers. Large copiers and other equipment that generate heat are examples of items to watch out for.

Reduce irritants

Reducing irritants like dust and dirt could be key to improved office air quality. Dust and dirt are usually tracked in by people when they walk into the office. They eventually accumulate, having an adverse effect on the air quality in the building. Ensure that you have high-quality mats stationed at each entrance to reduce the dirt that is being brought in.

Get cleaning service

Regularly cleaning is important for improved office air quality. The cleaning service can have a major impact on air quality in the building. Proper cleaning materials like microfiber cleaners are great for removing dirt. Consider hiring a cleaning service to deal with germs and dirt in your workplace.

Green tech cleaning offers quality service to help you improve the quality of air at work. Our cleaners use proper equipment to trap dirt during cleaning. Contact us here for commercial cleaning services today. You can follow our social media pages for more cleaning tips and ways to stay healthy. (Twitter, FacebookInstagram).


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Guide to the dirtiest office spots

Guide to the dirtiest office spots

Virtually everyone is aware of the essence of home cleaning, but only a few ever worry about office cleaning. If you work in an office, chances are you spend at least half of your waking hours at the office. The office should be just as regularly cleaned and disinfected as the home. This guide can help you identify the areas in your office that require cleaning. A clean office reduces the likelihood of germs spreading among people.

So, what are these areas in the office that require cleaning?


As hard as it is to believe, the kitchen is usually one of the most germ-infested areas in any building. One prominent reason for this is because fungi, like mold and mildew, enjoy spoiled foods. People who fail to clean their kitchen could be exposing themselves to diseases. Ensure that your kitchen stays clean by thorough cleaning and disinfecting. The fridge should be cleaned at least weekly. The countertops and shelves should also be cleaned and disinfected since they are exposed to dust. Ensure that shared kitchen items, like toasters and coffee machines, are also cleaned regularly.


The bathroom is also one of the dirtiest office spots. You can encounter germs in almost all parts of the bathroom including the door, mirror, and toilet. To prevent the spread of germs in your office, avoid using hand dryers as the hot air makes it easy for germs to spread. Ensure that paper towels are always available in the bathroom for proper hand cleaning. Additionally, schedule bathroom cleaning regularly to wash all parts of the bathroom and also disinfect the toilets.

Office equipment

You may be wondering why office equipment is among the dirtiest office spots. Well, equipment such as printers, fax machines, and copy machines are shared with other employees in the office. This means that when germs find their way to this equipment, they can be spread among people. How do you keep office equipment clean? Wipe down the frequently used equipment regularly to remove dirt. Use sanitizing wipes to properly clean them to eliminate germs. It also helps to sanitize your hands after using shared equipment in the office

Light switches

Light switches and doorknobs are one of the most frequently touched surfaces which makes them one the dirtiest. The switches are often overlooked, which makes it easier for germs to be spread among people. Ensure that you clean the light switches and doorknobs regularly with a wipe. If possible, you can also switch to automatic lighting systems that turn on when someone enters a room.

Desk phones

With the increased use of smartphones, it is uncommon to see people using desk phones. However, they are one of the dirtiest office spots in used organizations. Desk phones are also shared among employees sometimes, which increases the chances of spreading germs.

Use antibacterial wipes to clean the phone regularly to kill the germs. You can also do this for your smartphones.

By identifying the dirtiest office spots, you make it easier to get them cleaned and devoid of germs. Green Tech cleaning is also here to help. We offer commercial cleaning services to public premises in Florida. You can follow our social media pages for more cleaning tips and ways to stay healthy. (Twitter, FacebookInstagram)

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5 Useful Steps in the Office kitchen cleaning procedure

Steps in the Office Kitchen Cleaning Procedure

Not every office has a kitchen, but for the once that do, the employees are faced with the task of keeping it clean. Since the office kitchen is shared, keeping it clean should be the shared job of everyone who uses it. Leaving the kitchen unattended could have negative repercussions on the health of your employees, which would threaten their ability to do work.

Here is an office kitchen cleaning procedure that you can apply to your office to ensure that it is clean always.

Obtain cleaning supplies for the kitchen

The first step to any type of cleaning is getting the right equipment for the job. Your employees can’t attempt cleaning if the right equipment is not available. Some premium supplies required for office cleaning include broom, cloths, cleaning gloves, microfiber, and multipurpose detergents. Keep in mind that various kitchen appliances require specific cleaning supplies.

Remove clutters from the kitchen

Since the office kitchen is shared by multiple persons, there are often a lot of interactions going on between them. You often find people dropping items in the wrong place, which eventually leads to clutters. Remove the clutters and placing items in their appropriate place before anything else. The dishes should be kept in the right place, and the trash should also be taken out frequently to make cleaning easier.

Clear the fridge

The office fridge should be cleaned often to prevent bad smell from building up. Check the fridge frequently for expired food and drinks and make sure that they are emptied. After taking out the expired products, give the fridge a quick scrub to keep it tidy.

Clean appliances

Another important step in the office kitchen cleaning procedure is the cleaning of appliances and fixtures. Numerous office kitchen appliances need to be cleaned regularly. Failure to clean them can result in your office kitchen getting messy with lingering odor in the entire office. The appliances that require office cleaning include the fridge, oven, and stove. Other parts of the kitchen that require clean are the doorknobs, light switches, and the tap.

Clean the sink

Germs are often present in the kitchen sink, especially when it is not properly maintained. These organisms can cause diseases to your employees, eventually leading to a reduction in the company’s output. Ensure that the sink is often cleaned and thoroughly sanitized to kill the germs. The use of powerful disinfectants and cleaners is encouraged.

Try out this office kitchen cleaning procedure for a cleaner and more hygienic office kitchen. Contact Green Tech cleaning for office cleaning and other commercial cleaning services. We are available to residents of Florida.

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How to maintain clean office space in 5 simple steps

How to maintain clean office space in 5 simple steps

Why does it always seem like the office is messed up when everyone has only been working for a few hours? Keeping a clean office space can be quite irritable, especially when you are dealing with a lot of people. Although it isn’t easy, maintaining a clean workspace can lead to more productivity from your employees. You need a proper plan to keep your office clean and fortunately, we have put together one.

Here are 5 ways to maintain a clean office space

Set a cleaning calendar

Setting out time to clean while running a business is quite demanding. Without a proper plan, one will suffer in the place of the other. A proper cleaning schedule can be used to remedy this. You can put the entire task to be completed each week on a calendar and tackle them one after the other. This way, you avoid getting yourself overworked, and you can also hold yourself accountable.

Keep everything organized

Another tip for clean office space is to keep everything organized. Why is this so important? To avoid making your office a cluttered mess. Ensure that things are organized in a way that they can be easily accessed. Talk to staff to ensure that things are kept in the proper place after use.

Keep electronics cleaned

Why do you need to keep your electronics organized? Apart from the fact that the computer and other electronics are very important for our daily tasks, they can form a cluster when kept together. You need to ensure that electronics and other are kept clean to prevent them from becoming a major part of the dirt. Cleaning also keeps them from getting damaged and causing clutter in the office.

Keep cleaning supplies handy

No matter how hard we try, it is still difficult to avoid making a mess. This is why we need cleaning supplies at work to get rid of the mess. Food messes, paper pieces, and dust are just some of the things that can contribute to a dirty workspace. To keep a clean office space, ensure that cleaning supplies are kept in place when people make messes. Keep cleaning wipes, cleaning solutions, and a vacuum on hand for cleaning emergencies.

Call professionals

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to do it all alone. This is why we have professionals in various fields. To get the clean office space that you and your staff deserve, consider hiring a cleaning service. Besides, they are likely to do a better job than you.

Greentech cleaning has got your commercial cleaning needs covered. We offer professional cleaning services in Crestview Florida and surrounding cities. Contact us for a quote today!

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6 Office cleaning mistakes to avoid

6 Office cleaning mistakes to avoid

Maintaining cleanliness in an office can be very difficult, especially when you have a lot of workers. It just seems like there is an endless buildup of dust in every part of the office, whereas you keep clean each day. We know that office cleaning can be frustrating. However, we also know that the reoccurring dirt can be down to some mistakes you make during cleaning. We have put together a list of office cleaning mistakes to avoid for a cleaner office.

Wrong cleaning equipment

Cleaning shouldn’t be so difficult when you’re using the right equipment. For instance, you can dust faster with a microfiber. Using microfiber cloth and mops make it easier to get rid of the dust on tables and windows. Microfibers have thin fibers which make it easy to trap dust, dirt, and even germs.

Cleaning with a dry cloth

Many people have a habit of cleaning with dry clothes. However, research has shown that cleaning is easier when your cleaning material is damp. This is even better for areas of the office where dust and dirt residues have mixed with oil. Dampen your microfiber cloth or any other cleaning material before using it for better results.

Cleaning with dirty equipment

Another example of office cleaning mistakes to avoid is using dirty cleaning equipment. Cloths get dirty quickly when cleaning, so ensure that you have sufficient cleaning clothes. Also, ensure that your cleaning equipment is washed immediately after using them. Check for some of the best ways to keep your cleaning equipment clean.

Failure to move objects

Sometimes people think they can take shortcuts during cleaning to finish quickly. However, this is not the case, and you might find yourself with worse cleaning problems. One mistake that they make is leaving objects in place when cleaning. It seems easier to clean around the object and leave the object in place, but this only results in a messy job.

Cleaning from the wrong place

Another example of office cleaning mistakes to avoid is starting from the wrong spot. One office cleaning rule that is important is cleaning from top to bottom. Cleaning the top part last means dirt particles to fall after the lower parts have been cleaned. This means that you have to clean those places again.

Using poor vacuum filters

If you want to cut some cost in cleaning, going for low-quality vacuum filters is not the way to do it. Poor or dirty vacuum filters will cause dirt to escape back into the air during cleaning. Use a HEPA-filter vacuum when cleaning to prevent this from happening.

Try Greentech

Since there are so many office cleaning mistakes to avoid, a cleaning service agency might just be the best solution. Here at Greentech, we offer commercial cleaning services in Crestview FL and surrounding cities. Contact us today to help you keep your office space clean and sparkling!


How often should you schedule office cleaning?

How often should you schedule office cleaning?

Business owners realize the importance of a clean office. However, they don’t know how often cleaning is required. A clean office is important among business owners to create a good impression for customers. Several factors should be considered before you schedule office cleaning. These include the size of the building and the activity carried out. To learn about the frequency of office cleaning, read this article.

Factors to consider

 Number of employees

The number of employees you have in a building determines how often it should be cleaned. If your building holds several employees, it is important to ensure that carpets are cleaned once a week. However, if you have only a few employees, you may consider carpet cleaning less frequently.

Office size

The size of the office is also a determining factor in the frequency of cleaning. It is difficult to fully clean a large office within a day. Due to this, parts of the building will be cleaned separately.

Frequency of customer visits

It is important to keep commonly visited areas clean. Clean lobbies and restrooms daily to put them in perfect condition. Clean the restroom regularly if you have frequent visitors.

How often should you schedule office cleaning?

The frequency of office cleaning depends on the area of the office to be cleaned. Areas like medical office require daily cleaning while other areas may only require weekly cleaning.

Office kitchen cleaning

The office kitchen is an area where food is prepared, so it has to be kept in a clean condition. Clean shelves daily. However, you only have to schedule professional janitorial services once a week for the kitchen.

Restroom cleaning

You need the services of professional cleaners daily for the restroom. Also, a dirty restroom makes customers wary of visiting. Clean it more frequently if it experiences a lot of traffic.

Lobby areas

The lobby is the welcoming room for customers and as such, it should be presentable. Clean surface daily and vacuum to remove dirt. Ensure that this area receives frequent attention.


The cleaning frequency of your office depends on the number of visitors you have. You can do basic cleaning yourself. However,  deep clean a few times across the year.

Building exterior

The exterior is an important part of general office cleaning. Wash the windows and lobby monthly. This will ensure that your visitors get a nice view when they come in. In addition, schedule a pressure washing session to get rid of stubborn stains on concretes and in the driveway. Pressure washing the building exterior at least once a year


In conclusion, green tech cleaning is here to take care of your office cleaning troubles. We offer quality commercial cleaning services to buildings in Florida. Our goal is to ensure that your office is in perfect condition and your employees are free from allergies.



4 Great Benefits of Office Cleaning

Benefits of office cleaning

Most people spend the majority of their most active hours at work. Considering the number of activities that go on in the workplace, it is bound to get dirty. However, it is important to create a clean office environment, to allow workers to go about their daily activities with little health hazards. Most business owners use cleaning services in their workplace, to prevent the dirt from getting out of hand. We have put together some of the benefits of office cleaning as well as hiring an office cleaning service to maintain cleanliness in the workplace.

Increased production performance from employees

Keeping a clean office environment makes it easy for your employees to go about their daily activities. Believe it or not, a clean business place leads to more productivity from your employees. Furthermore, when employees realize that their safety is important to the company they put in their best efforts. Most businesses understand the need for a clean environment but what most of them fail to focus on is the inner air quality. In addition, research carried about by the EPA has shown that indoor air contains a higher level of pollutants than outdoor air.

Reduced risk of diseases

One of the things all businesses would like to avoid is the spread of viruses among employees. If a large portion of workers get sick, it could lead to repercussions for the business by reducing productivity. Hence, office cleaning is very beneficial for reducing the spread of diseases in the office. Clean and disinfect shared items to prevent the risk of diseases. Commonly touched objects and items like the doorknob and shelves should be cleaned regularly also.

It creates a professional atmosphere

Another of the important benefits of office cleaning is the fact that office cleaning creates a professional atmosphere that is perfect for working. Moreover, No one would want to do business with a company if they walk in and find a stained carpet or dirt all around. A customer is more likely to do business with you if you have a clean office environment. It is important to project a good image to your customers. This makes your business appear more reliable and increases customer’s confidence.

Results in better cleaning results

By using the service of professional office cleaners, you’re likely to get better benefits of office cleaning. They are several cleaning companies that offer top quality services to keep your office clean always. These cleaning companies will ensure that your office is left in perfect condition always. Furthermore, Since they are professionals, they are more adept at this task and produce better results.

Try Green tech office cleaning

In conclusion the benefits of office cleaning can not be overemphasised, Green tech office cleaning offers quality cleaning services to offices. Our team of professionals is capable of dealing with all manner of cleaning problems. We offer services to businesses in Crestview, Florida.